Message from Coach Nic

Dear TNF Family, 

 I want to quickly spread love and acknowledge all the hard work I have been seeing and have been blessed to be a part of every week. 

Most people do not love getting up early and go to work Monday morning, but as I wake up and get started on my drive to “work” I get excited to be around all of you and to try my hardest on making positive impacts in your lives. I keep seeing people reach their goals and I am proud to be a part of it.

I love all the stories of how being at this gym carries on to more positivity in everyone’s lives and it only makes me smile. If anyone has not reached their ultimate goal (whatever it may be) it’s ok, keep pushing and start with little goals.

Remember it’s a step-by-step process and the little goals will add up. Do not get discouraged if things are not going your way. Reboot and try to work on your weaknesses.

I love being a part of TNF and to be surrounded by such great people. Just know that you have great people around you and the coaches want nothing but the absolute best for all of you!


-Coach Nic




FREE WORKSHOP! Tame the anxiety and Recipe for great night sleep

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I will teach people who are struggling with anxiety and other overwhelmingly negative feelings about how to effectively accomplish their goals (even when they are under pressure, stress, and time crunches). 

You may wonder: Why should you listen to me? 

The answer is: Because of my life experiences. I was once deeply depressed. As a young adult, I had been prescribed a variety of anti-depressants. I was handcuffed by social anxiety, crippled by my eating disorders, and I had been expelled from every school that I had ever attended. 

Before I continue, I want you to know something about me. I’m not anybody special. I do not have any special gifts. Yet, I am able to channel who I am and use simple, but special tools to generate outstanding results.  

These tools have transformed me into a mentally resilient, happy, present business owner. 

There is a reason that I have been in business for 9 years — successfully shaping the lives of a diverse client base.  

More than 90% of businesses are factually destined to fail. Many would see this disturbing statistic as a reason to feel pressure and anxiety. However, as the founder of Terra Nova Fitness, I see this as the greatest opportunity on Earth.  Where others see troubled water, I see opportunities.

And, I want you to have this ability too. 

Remember that I am not anybody special. However, I do have special skills — but, these are skills that anybody can learn.  

If these skills can work for me, they can definitely work for you. You are one successful strategy or tool away from changing the game  your life forever. 

The recipe for a great night sleep

Dr. Thomas has been serving Pacifica since 1993. 

I have known Dr. Thomas for many years and have had the pleasure of many deep and thoughtful conversations with him. I have the upmost personal and professional respect for Dr. Thomas. We are extremely fortunate to have him speak at TNF. 

Dedicated to your Success, 

Chris Shah, 

Eating Disorder to a smile.

Eating Disorder to a Smile

By Chris Shah 


“At least I’m not sticking my finger down my throat.”

Recalling this story seems like a past life. This was me rationalizing my eating disorder not being as bad as someone who purges on purpose.

A few weeks later in a dark, cold garage, my finger down my throat began the next stage, referred to as “purging bulimia.”

I would routinely fluctuate between excessive working out and eating my prepared food to overeating both healthy and unhealthy food. After the overeating, I would starve myself for 8-12 hours, then that graduated to purging after overeating.

I spent countless hours looking into the mirror to find the perfect view of my muscular body. Most people watched TV shows, I watched myself and adventured on an endless pursuit to find the perfect clothes to make me look muscularly big.

This consumed virtually every living second of my day. I was a see-saw of extreme emotional highs followed by downward spirals that seemed darker than the previous.

Catching a glance of myself in the mirror that didn't look big consumed my whole being.

In this mindset you only identify with your body image and eating. That means all my eggs were in one basket. If those eggs broke, I had nothing left to defend my emotional well-being.


If my current clients saw me during this stage of my life, they would have zero doubt they could conquer any emotional eating issues. Now, I’m known to my clients as “super positive and motivational.”.

Turning It All Around.

This disorder become my identity and the lens I saw the world through. I allowed it to selfishly push away a happy life from me. I had to get out.

It finally got to the point that staying the same seemed more painful than changing.

It was not a single event or breakthrough that changed it all around. Similar to any woman, I have fallen in love with it’s a combination of factors. The following breakthroughs broke the chains forever.

Breakthrough one is feeling present to become the watcher of any emotional disturbance.

Breakthrough two is diversifying your identities to provide you with multiple emotional lives.

Breakthrough three is relying on the process to be your GPS guide.


Present Energy

I discovered the power of presence, which helped dissolve my ego and attachment to excessively judging myself.

It was like a prisoner getting his first taste of freedom and fresh air. This was another world I discovered, I was enthralled with it. I started on a quest to see what it would take to stay free.

Some ways you too can experience present energy is to simply watch a bird or a plant in nature. Just watch and put your focus on it, and you will experience a taste of presence. Meditation is a verified way to also become more present, and incorporating it into your life is a great investment in yourself.


The single greatest power you gain from present energy (mindfulness and meditation) is that you become “the watcher” of your emotions. This breaks the illusion that you are your body image. You lose attachment, and ultimately you gain freedom and greater peace of mind.

A common response when I bring up meditation is “I’m no good at it, I can’t stop thinking” to explain why they don’t do it. They have unconsciously set up rules against themselves.

If your rules are “I can’t think” and “I must always maintain concentration” to be successful at meditation, how often will you be successful? Very rarely.


The cool thing about life is that you can make up your own rules. Here are my rules in order to be successful at meditation. Rule one: Schedule it, Rule two: Start with two minutes, Rule three: Focus on your breathing, Rule four: Don’t judge your performance.

When you do those things, you are successful at meditation, and the amount of time and benefit you will gain starts to increase.



What other identities must I value? I’m also a father, business owner, world traveler and friend. I started to pour more focus into those other areas of my life.

What must I do as a business owner? What must I do to show my son I love him? What must I do as a boyfriend? Where do I want to travel next?

When I diversified my focus on many identities, the stranglehold of the “bulimia” started to loosen its grip on me. I would no longer put all my eggs in one identity.

If my abs didn't look exactly the way I wished “No big deal. They will soon, but I have other shit to do.” If I occasionally ate some chocolate, it was no longer “I’m so bad, “my veins will disappear.”  It was, “That was so good,. I earned it.”

I was no longer fully identified with the image of my body. The feedback loops from hell no longer terrorized my mind.


The Process

Life happens, and when it does we need something to keep us calm, Inspired and confident we can make it though.

Relying on a process can guide us when many get lost in stormy emotions.

The process gives me the power to be the director of events in my life. Without a process to navigate the world, most will be in constant emotional reaction to events and results.

This is commonly the thought pattern that rules over yo-yo dieters. ( also known as the feedback loop from hell).

I wake up between 3:15 and 4 a.m. to start my director process. I want to tell life what I’m expecting out of it, not wait to see what happens.

It starts with 10-20 minutes of meditation, followed by a few minutes of gratitude, to excite my inner cheerleaders, reviewing my focus for the day, and incantations (mantra’s loudly vocalized) to literally program my subconscious mind. I want my subconscious mind to go to work for me so I don’t rely just on will power.

What will be your process? What process will fit into your unique lifestyle? 

Through this whole journey life and I have taught each other everything is a choice. When you are at rock bottom it’s a choice to continue to look down or up in a new direction. It’s a choice to feed the pain or reach out to hope and help. Once you realize we have the power of choice life will never be the same again.

This is how I went from a eating disorder to a smile.


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5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Work. Pacifica fitness


You may think the time you spend in the gym is enough to keep you trim and healthy, but it’s not. If you want overall good health, you need to eat well and find windows of exercising opportunity every day—not just during your scheduled workouts. 

How can you squeeze in a little exercise when most of your hours are spent sitting at a desk, meeting in the conference room, and preparing for big presentations? Read on to find out when you can squeeze in exercise and how to do it. 


1. On the Way to Work. To shed some calories before clocking in, you have a number of options depending on your situation. You can perform calf raises in the bathroom, or park your car at the far end of the parking lot so you get to walk farther to reach your office. And of course, once you get to your building, take the stairs. 


2. When Doing Mindless Tasks. Admit it: everything you do at work doesn’t require an amazing amount of brainpower. Take advantage of the easy tasks by multitasking with some exercise. The easiest option is to flex and squeeze your body. From your glutes and your abs to your pecs and thighs, you can get rid of a few calories by simply flexing them as you work. As you grow accustomed to the flexing, you may find it to be a great way to work your way through a long, difficult meeting. 


3. Every Time You Finish a Task. When you first get to work, make a to-do list. This will help keep you on track and will also set you up for exercise rewards. Each time you cross a task off your list, give yourself an exercise reward. This could be walking a couple laps around the office, standing up and doing a couple quick stretches, or closing your office door and knocking out a dozen push-ups. Know what your reward of the day will be and go for it. 


4. When You Need to Communicate. Helpful as email may be, there is a way to communicate with your colleagues that actually keeps your body moving. That way? Getting out of your seat and walking to your coworker’s office to talk things through. Have to make a few phone calls? Stand up as you talk or better yet, pace back and forth during the conversation. 


5. At the Top of the Hour. A great way to sneak a little calorie burning into your routine is to get up every hour. And your exercising doesn’t need to be super intense. All you need to do is stand up. Do this for five minutes, eight times a day, and you will drop 100 calories a day. That’s right—all you have to do to stand up for your health is stand up! 


All of these bonus calorie burning tips are great – when done in conjunction with a consistent, challenging exercise program. If you aren’t yet one of my valued clients then now is the time to join in – call or email today to get started!

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