Josh Lost 30lbs. If you live in Pacifica you may know him

Pacifica Son and Mom fountain of youth


Josh has lost over 30lbs since joining Terra Nova Fitness in Pacifica. He is a father of two and loves coaching his baseball teams. Josh is providing his kids with a healthy role model. Working out next to him is Jody who has been a member of Terra Nova Fitness for over 5 years. She has the energy of a teenager and I constant reminder that is age is your energy.


Message from Coach Nic

Dear TNF Family, 

 I want to quickly spread love and acknowledge all the hard work I have been seeing and have been blessed to be a part of every week. 

Most people do not love getting up early and go to work Monday morning, but as I wake up and get started on my drive to “work” I get excited to be around all of you and to try my hardest on making positive impacts in your lives. I keep seeing people reach their goals and I am proud to be a part of it.

I love all the stories of how being at this gym carries on to more positivity in everyone’s lives and it only makes me smile. If anyone has not reached their ultimate goal (whatever it may be) it’s ok, keep pushing and start with little goals.

Remember it’s a step-by-step process and the little goals will add up. Do not get discouraged if things are not going your way. Reboot and try to work on your weaknesses.

I love being a part of TNF and to be surrounded by such great people. Just know that you have great people around you and the coaches want nothing but the absolute best for all of you!


-Coach Nic