Darlene Mann, Jan Fitness Member of the month

Congratulations Darlene Mann, Terra Nova Fitness Member of the Month!   Darlene has been a member with us for over 4 years and has proven that with dedication, consistency and trust in the process true health and fitness can be achieved! She is a treasure to the Pacifica community and also the founder of the great Pacifica education foundation that supports our local education system.

Thank you Darlene for the opportunity to work with you. It's been an honor.

Ami Hodge on the left
Ami Hodge on the left

October Member of the month Seema Kantak



Congradultations to October Member of the month Seema Kantak. Seema has become a pillar of TNF with her dedication, consistency and her amazing smile that literally lights on the room. Its an absolute pleasure and honor to coach her.

Her is Seema in her own words...

"I love TNF! It changed my health and approach to life. I started at TNF in August 2012 after returning from being out of the country for 2 years in a very demanding and intense job.. Although I had tried to keep up with exercise since my kids were born for the past12 years, I felt that what I was doing was not enough to really keep me fit and strong both physically and mentally. Darlene Mann, a close friend introduced me to TNF. It has been the turning point training with Chris. I like Chris's approach to training. It is a holistic approach of mind and body which resonates with me.

I am more stronger and energetic than I have ever been. A number of exercises which were so difficult when I started are a breeze now smile emoticon. Besides the training, I am conscious of my eating habits. That has helped not just me but my family as well. Chris and Amy are a great team. Besides the semi-privates I recently started also going to Amy's boot camp. I love the 6 am morning energy that all my fellow women bring and it makes the workout fun. If I ever miss a workout, I feel awful. Daily Workout now is a part of my routine and not something that I have to make time for. I often feel a new person!" - Seema Kantak 

September member of the Month- Kim Comstock


Congratulations to September member of the month Kim Comstock. As a coach witnessing a person continually progress and grow as a person is the ultimate reward. Kim has lost well over 25 lbs and it's an absolute pleasure to have her around. The best is yet to come.

Here is Kim in her own words....

"TNF makes me smile; let me tell you why...

When my son was almost two in 2013, we were playing at Linda Mar Beach and I could barely keep up with him. I was out of breath and completely out of shape. Thankfully, Jessica S. organized with Chris Shah at TNF a trial boot camp membership for Moms in the Pacifica Moms Club just about that same time.

I was intimated to go because I felt weak and self-conscious about my weight and ability. I, also, wasn't getting much sleep those days and didn't think I could wake up in time for a 6 am boot camp. I took a chance, decided not to think about all my worries and found a place that made me felt comfortable, supported and pushed just enough to continue to get stronger.

My initial goal was to get strong enough to keep up with my son, enjoy running and playing with him and feel healthy. Check, reached that goal! 

Then, I realized I was still heavier than I'd like to be but didn't know how to change what I was doing outside my gym time. Timing again was perfect for me. Chris at TNF offered trial coaching sessions over the phone that included writing exercises, guidelines for what to eat and more in February 2015. This truly helped me make those changes that seemed hard at first but now are second nature to me. My goal was to lose 20 lbs by my birthday, June 2015. I thought it was an impossible goal but Chris encouraged me to set it. Check, reached that goal and passed it! 

It's time for me to set a few more goals. Thanks to Chris and Ami at TNF, I know I can achieve those new goals. And, that's why I love to smile through the squats, sled pushing, core workouts and more. I know every bit counts towards reaching my goals." Kim Comstock