Pow Wow

June 24th

Some of this is from our previous Pow Wow

Every exercise is an assessment if you know what you are looking for
Push up ( Gluts first arms second. Create shoulder torque, A foam roll or blue mat in between legs helps activate pelvic floor getting ride of energy leaks)
Split squat ( Coaching cues, Front screw back squeeze) You are looking for instability and if knee is strait.
Breathing ( It should be primarily be belly breathing.)
Corrective breathing ( stand behind person and cue person to push their elbows into your hands)

What are the principles you are looking for? Which are global, specific and both?

How do you communicate this?

  • Target based coaching
  • Analogies
  • Show
  • Touch
  • Sandwich ( good, bad, Good)
  • Reverse engineer ( Start with the end position )
  • Eye gaze ( where your guys go, your posture goes)

Bring a buddy week

Have everyone sign waiver and fill out email card
We went over all members

Very quick asking of any injuries and training history

Have them do the same exact workout as friend with modifications

Coaching stuff (Semi-private)

Always get on top of the wave. There are many layers of waves and they come in flows.

Start viewing people as flows or mini waves. One of many ways to decrease traffic jams is to switch the order of the flows/waves.

For example,  5 people

P1- Start on regular order
P2- Start them on light strength warming up
P3- Start them on power
P4- Have them do 1-2 less or more rounds of the wave they are riding
P5- Play around with giving just A and B exercise to buy your self another 30 or so seconds, then give them exercise C.

Always give previews to people of the sequal coming up. Also making sure they inform you when they are on their last round.

All member check in status ( pdf of our notes)

Click here

Boot camp Coaching Stuff

If ____________ then ____________ are you ___________

If you don't feel this in your core then you need to _____________. Are you doing it?

Having music that amps up the energy of the room

Business structure

  • Ending strictly boot camp membership
  • Ending trial memberships
  • First month money back guarantee
  • Qualifying dream clients better

We will soon enter a test balloon model of no longer offering trial memberships. Minimum 6 Month commitment with First month money back. We will draft what we MUST provide them.

All our dream A list clients mostly signed up without a trial. The end goal is to spend all our time on A and B clients and stop wasting time on C clients who are not our dream clients .  It frustrates all parties involved with C clients.

Very possible, I will do away with strictly boot camp memberships and it will be just Semi-private price points with the existing boot camps added as part of the membership.

80 % of business is from semi-private