At a minimum, we are looking for people who have

1. An interest or passion for health and fitness
2. A desire to take on more responsibility and get better every day
3. Values the culture of a gym as much as you value fitness.
4.  A belief that a business must always provide great hospitality service at all times to succeed

Fitness Coaches

•    Passionate about helping people achieve their goals
•    Insatiable desire to seek out new personal training and business knowledge
•    Ability to verbally communicate and teach ideas clearly
•    Understands the value of time

The most valuable thing we are looking for is someone who gets along with people. It does not matter if you don't know every single muscle in text books. All that is teachable by our mentoring process.

If you're a stay at home mom or part time working mom with a passion for being healthy and helping people this may be the perfect fit for you.

1.    High school diploma or equivalent
2.    Personal training certification or currently studying for one.
3.    Neat, clean appearance; prompt & efficient, loyal, honest, and dependable
4.    Excellent communication skills are required, including phone etiquette and customer service
5.    Ability to coach in a team atmosphere and motivate clients
6.    Passionate and willing to learn
7.    MUST sign non-compete/confidentiality agreement
REPORTS TO: Training Manager, Facility Manager
JOB GOALS: To ensure that client sessions and gym culture are as effective as possible

1.    Coaching- must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early to all sessions, classes, and workshops scheduled to coach, direct daily end of session success theme, maintain professional coaching standards as defined by the Training Manager.
2.    Assessments and bootcamp orientation- responsible for knowing and implementing the standard protocol as set forth by the Training Manager
3.    Sales- must be able to follow the sales process and convert prospects during the assessment process, during bootcamp orientation, after classes, and after other program offerings in accordance with the systems set up by the management team.
4.    Internal marketing- must be willing to implement internal marketing systems as given by management
5.    Attendance at continuing education events and in-services ( We pay for 1 course per year)
6.    Other duties as assigned

1.    Perform customer service duties including answering/returning phone calls, responding to emails, accountability check ins with members, and greeting clients and visitors
2.    Perform client management tasks including progress updates, management software, and organizing clients' training binders/files, culture and motivation system hand outs
3.    Follow up with clients and leads who miss appointments and training sessions

First 3 weeks will be an internship ( $ 75 weekly stipend, every 8 hours ) where you will receive the highest quality mentoring and training. This is to see if we are a right fit for each other. This is real life experience that many trainers have to pay thousands of dollars to get. This will be 8 hours per week. We have a detailed and systematized mentoring process.

Compensation: By-session rate after first 3 weeks. ($17-30/session), 10-15 hr. per week, commission on sales/retention (10-30%), possible performance bonus(es) for session, sales, retention goals. Free memberships for your spouse, love one or family member.