How Women can lose weight

When it comes to weight loss the usual conversation includes eating plans, workouts and motivation. Working behind the scenes but equally important are our hormones influence on weight loss.

Next time you are talking about weight loss to your friend or coach make sure to include talk about hormones.





AKA: Ms. Stressgry

Out of the cage: In the presence of stress like when someone cuts you off in traffic or you are kept on hold way too long. You receive a shot a cortisol to increase your energy output to react. ( Aka; outburst)


 Once the threat or annoyance is gone our bodies jack up your appetite to replenish the energy used. It also increases the growth rate of your fat cells.


Tame it: Here are 3 ways to decrease this nasty little hormone.

  1. Limit excessive caffeine intake as caffeine has been shown to increase cortisol secretion.

  2. Meditation or mindfulness have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to decrease cortisol and increase fulfillment.

  3.  Laugh more. Watch a comedy show or some stand up comedy to flush the cortisol out of your body.



Take home message

Stress= weight gain
Excessive caffeine= weight gain

Meditation = weight loss
Laughing = weight loss


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