7 day fitness tips

Complexity is the enemy of action.



Here is a simple 7 day fitness-life tip plan for outside the gym

Friday: Spend 2 minutes reflecting on what you are grateful for
Saturday: Leave some food on your plate today
Sunday: Prepare you Monday healthy lunch- Schedule it.
Monday: Spend 2 minutes meditating or sitting quiet- Schedule it
Tuesday: Drink at least 8 glasses of water
Wednesday: Ask yourself what’s going well?
Thursday: Ask yourself how will my future self look? Visualize it.



Here is a simple 3 day fitness-life tip plan for inside the gym

Day 1: Before workout visualize how you wish to look like
Day 2: Post workout stretch out what’s tight
Day 3: Ask/tell one of the coaches what you want to improve on.


Do this simple plan and you will make great progress towards a healthy life. If you are already doing this congratulations you are a role model to our new and future members.

Take action first then feel motivated
When would NOW be a good time?


Terra Nova Fitness ( Founder) Chris Shah

Terra Nova Fitness ( Founder) Chris Shah

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