Avoid YO-YO weight gain

When it comes to weight loss the usual conversation includes eating plans, workouts and motivation. Working behind the scenes but equally important are our hormones influence on weight loss.

Next time you are talking about weight loss to your friend or coach make sure to include talk about hormones.
AKA: “ No thanks, i’m full”

Out of the cage: In the presence of low levels of Leptin you don’t have the signal working saying “ No thanks, i’m full” which leads to overeating.
Leptin exists in your fat cells so when you lose fat cells your leptin decreases.  Wait what? That’s a good thing right?

The problem is most people want it all right now and are obsessed with quick weight loss.

Example 1:
lose 3-4 lbs by starving the first week.
Leptin decreased faster than should
Muscle tone is lost thus decreasing your metabolism
End result puts you on a collision course with the dreaded YO-YO

Example 2:
Holding on to too much fat and not exercising
This builds Leptin resistance and increasing your overeating


Severely restricting your food intake and losing large sums of weight fast to loss weight long term MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM YOUR MIND SET.
It’s exactly like Severely restricting your pay/revenue so you can have long term wealth.

Tame it: Here are 3 ways to decrease this nasty little YO-YO hormone

1- Avoid fad diets     

Limit excessive calorie cutting for extended periods of time. Instead use a cycle method. For example: Day 1: Low calories/carbs, Day 2: Low calories/carbs, Day 3: Moderate calories, Day 4: Increase calories to maintenance levels. Rinse and repeat.

2- Get ZINC!

Low levels of Zinc are linked with described leptin. Zinc rich food are beans, beef, and a small amount of cashews.
3- Eat slower

Give you Leptin a fighting chance to do its job

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