Which inner dog will you feed? Happiness and fat loss

Which inner dog are you feeding?

Feed your way to happiness and fat loss.


Without judgement, observe the next 3 strangers you come in contact with. Remember that many of us are fighting private battles no-one knows about.

What movie is that person playing in their head? A dark sad movie? Or an inspiring epic adventure? Observing other people allows us to step out of our cognitive biases about ourselves.

The following fable is a rock that I swim to when the waves of life are crashing upon me.


3 real world examples

Which dog will you feed?


Scene 1: End of a full day at work/meetings.

Self pity dog: Im so overwhelmed!

Result= Higher stress hormones, fat cell multiplying, you feel beat up or defeated, you AGE faster

Gratitude dog: Wow! Im over stimulated and im glad I can see my family and friends now.

Results= Less Stress hormones, increase fat burning, you feel accomplished, you age LESS!


Scene 2: You gained a few pounds over vacation

Sorrow dog: Im so bad! Whats wrong with me?!

Results=  Downward spiral of emotions, YO-YO cycle, you feel terrible, worthless and may give up.

Faith dog: I had a great time and stayed active.  I will get back to my routine

Result= You start losing weight again.

You reinforce your self image that you are an in shape healthy person. You say to your self Hey! I deserved the vacation and im excited to get back in my routine


Scene 3: Working out while kids are at home

Guilt dog: I should be home with my kids, I feel bad leaving them

Result=  You start rationalizing that you have no time to workout. You put everyone as a priority except yourself.

Generosity dog: I deserve to have more energy and decrease stress.  Taking this time for myself will make me a better parent

Result= You have more energy, less stress, happier and this makes you a more patient parent.


What dog will you feed today? The power is in your hands.

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