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Chris Shah, TNF Owner
Jessica Stone, TNF Fitness coach

It’s lunch time and your company cant help but stock every corner with unhealthy sugar snacks. Are you allowing your environment to write your story? Are you the victim or the hero in the story?

Many view a Story in the mind as just an idea.

I see it as the energy to keep up with your family, wearing anything and going anywhere with confidence, skiing or hiking with joy, passionate sex with a loved one.

That should spark an increased heart rate for those with curiosity in life.

The biggest breakthrough to getting life long confidence in your fitness and health is your STORY.

What story are you playing in your minds eye?

Is it a powerful story that inspires you to take action and learn from setbacks?

Is it a story that tells you “ See I told you it would not work” “ That’s just not me, I’m too “   “ and I'm just “   “.

I’m going on my 11th year coaching. I’m no smarter than anyone but I have been in the game so long I recognize patterns most coaches don’t.

The immutable law is people will live out the story they are playing in their head.



You can have the best nutrition, health, and fitness plan in the world but if you put it on top of a limiting story that says “ That’s not me, I’m to “ “ or “ I told you” you will reward that limiting story by proving it.  

People with limiting stories hypnotize themselves to find the obstacles, what’s wrong, and why it wont work to confirm their story. Your mind does not want to make you feel like a liar. You will seek out ways to confirm your story or self image.

First step in unlocking the chains is AWARENESS! You have the key now. Will you turn the key?


Is that really you or is it the story you are telling yourself?

"My old story was that of a tired,  worn out, disorganized mom. In my mind I was supposed to be exhausted, and disheveled, and stressed, I mean I had 2 kids under the age of 3!

 But that story wasn't working for me. It was limiting my potential to eat right, work out, spend quality time with friends, basically all the things I wished I could do more of.

So, I changed my story. New story: I am a fit, energetic, confident woman. I have two kids and a wonderful husband. I am the kind of person who loves working out and eating healthy.
The more i say it and live it the more true it becomes.”
- Jessica Stone, Terra Nova Fitness Coach

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone


People with powerful stories hypnotize themselves to seek out progress in their journey, whats going right, learning from set backs and finding ways to confirm and prove their story.  

Have you turned the key yet?

How do I change my story Chris?

Have a clear specific imagine of what you want.
Ask yourself some of the following questions.

  • How would I look like if I had it?

  • How would I talk like if I had it?

  • How would I breath and move if I had it?

  • How would I walk if I had it?

  • What beliefs MUST I have to get it?

  • How will my intimacy be if I had it?

  • What activity would be richer if I had it?

This starts to play a different story in your mind. A story that inspires you regardless of what happens on the journey.

I encourage you to stop watching reruns of “ That’s not me” and become a loyal viewer of “ I can do this!”

Its the single biggest breakthrough that has allowed a kid who was kicked out of high school and college with so called learning disabilities to design a life according to my desire and discovery my obsessive lust for learning. Come on board there is plenty of room for you.

Stay tuned to the other 9 Fit Mom credo’s to unleash what your deserve.

Dedicated to what you Deserve,
Chris Shah, Terra Nova Fitness, LLC