Too busy to workout?

Making the time. Schedule it!

Have you ever gone on a trip or vacation?

I recently went to Africa ( The continent)


I scheduled it so it took place.

I should, I want to, I will try……… Its the beat of missed opportunities.

Sound familiar? Its called action purgatory and its worse than rock bottom. Rock bottom people have had enough so they are compelled to change.

Action purgatory is where its not bad enough to be compelled to change and next thing you know 4 years have passed and nothing has changed.

One of the ways to escape action purgatory is to schedule something and employ accountability leverage.

For example, Schedule your Meal preparation for Sunday night and have both your accountability partner and coach check in with you Monday.

Opportunity shooting..

Choose 1 to 3 of the following to schedule/book. ( When you write it down it becomes real. When you talk about it, its simply a rumor) Stop spreading Rumors to yourself ;)

  • Your workouts ( at the gym)

  • Your workouts/ healthy activities ( outside the gym)

  • Your grocery shopping

  • Your Meal preparation

  • Your accountability check ins

  • Progress check ins

  • Power nap

  • Meditation

  • Gratefulness reflection

What is your accountability leverage?

We have Pacifica’s personal training best accountability system for those who want an extraordinary life with weekly accountability check ins.

Dedicated to what you deserve,

Chris Shah, Terra Nova Fitness, LLC