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Fit Mom Credo #3
Never compare yourself to others, Model their beliefs


You are working your butt off for your fitness goal, and then...

You're scrolling though your phone on Facebook and you see someone who looks and feels like a fitness movie star.

Your autopilot response is to compare yourself to them and all of a sudden you feel like crap.

The progress you thought you were making is overshadowed by this YUCKY feeling. Embed the following in your mind for the rest of your life.

When you compare yourself with someone you will feel like CRAP. When you model their beliefs and actions you will get similar results.

Go ahead and field test both A and B. I remember in about 2011 I had lunch with a millionaire entrepreneur, and afterwards I felt like crap. It was a sickening feeling that turned on my inner angry mob and critic association (you know, those people yelling at you and saying mean things inside your head).

I had made the mistake of comparing my own with his success and it made me feel less of myself. This is known as a scarcity mind set. It's what happens when you compare instead of learn.

Soon after that lunch I discovered a hidden treasure inside all of us called an abundance mind set. This turns on your inner cheerleader.

It’s where you are truly happy for everyone's success and look to add more value before you think of asking for anything.

It's where you value learning over comparing.
Its where you model the behavior of someone you want to be like with your own twist on it.

Never again , I vowed, will I indulge in a scarcity mind set of comparing myself to another person.

I encourage you to adopt the same boundaries of not allowing yourself to indulge in bad mind food.

Find someone who has what you want and simply start mirroring their beliefs and behavior with your twist on it and you will start to experience similar results and fulfillment. As Mr. Robbins says “success leaves clues”.

Next time you are scrolling though Facebook I encourage those of you who have made a real decision to live an extraordinary life to not drink the mind POISON of comparing.

Instead drink the magical elixir of modeling their beliefs and behavior.

When you entertain the same old thoughts the same old results entertain you. When you entertain new thoughts new results start to entertain you.

4 power questions to break your pattern of comparing.

1)Would someone who is successful at this allow themselves to indulge in this belief or behavior?
2)What about this is silly?
3)What's 1 thing I can do to model this persons beliefs or behavior?
4)When would NOW be a good time to act?

Remember the quality of the questions you ask yourself will determine what you focus on and ultimately how you feel and look. If I can do this anyone can do this. If people only knew my background they would know with certainty they have access to it as well. The story will start to unravel soon.

Dedicated to what you deserve,

Chris, Terra Nova Fitness, LLC

South Africa

South Africa