Jessica Stone- Too Busy?

Jessica Stone
Chris Shah

Do you know what the moon is? That big white thing in the sky?


After the first astronauts came back from the historic first moon landing they went on a national tv tour and parades.

They achieved the impossible but then something interesting happened. Many of them become depressed afterwards.

What Now? Who am I now?

Achieving a goal and not being happy is a tragedy.

They mastered the science of achievement but failed at the science of fulfillment.


Are you getting results but stressed out?
Are you so stressed out that you're not getting results?


When we are stressed it releases cortisol which makes it harder to burn fat. It increases inflammation and is a feeding ground for joint pain and disease. Who wants that?


Take 2-5 minutes to reflect on what brings you joy or what you are grateful for.

Seriously, I'm waiting ..... Actually do it. Don't just passively read. That's what most people will do. STEP UP! What's the best that happen?

For example, 1 very simple thing,(like how comfortable your couch is and how much you enjoy it), and 2 major things (like a loved one or major driving force in your life).

You cannot express stress and anger at the same time you are expressing gratitude.

This will bring down your stress ( cortisol) which will help increase fat burning environment.

Mom guilt. 


We all feel it, and to varying degrees a certain amount of it is healthy, but for so many of us it can grow to an unhealthy level.

The words bring up so many different notions and emotions. It's feeling guilty because you saw a friend's handmade Pinterest kids birthday party on social media and you have never done anything like that. It's feeling guilty for not driving on the school field trip because of an important meeting at work. It's even feeling guilty for taking time for yourself to exercise or rejuvenate.

Mom guilt wears many hats, but it is rampant and deep. When we have our first child many of us feel as if we are "winging it". How high of a fever is too high? What kind of solid foods should I feed her first? What do I do when he cries for an hour?


The guilt slowly begins as we make mistakes, comparing ourselves to the false perfection we perceive in others.  we forget that to learn is to make mistakes! We feel so overwhelmed by out baby's needs we forget about our own, and start to feel guilty if we do think about our own needs. But that's normal we tell ourselves,  it will get better.

The problem is that unless we exercise a muscle it can't grow or stay flexible. We spend so much time working to take care of everyone else's needs we forget how to take care of our own.

And then when we do? Guilt. The cycle is vicious and needs to be broken!

There are several strategies to conquer mom guilt.


1) Never compare yourself to others, model behaviors you wish were yours.

Comparing yourself to that Facebook friend who is always posting perfection? Stop. Find positive social media role models and model after their behaviors.

2)  Remember what brings you joy. Did you used to love reading? Love long hikes? Journaling? Do something that brings you Joy, and know that it will make you a better mother, wife, and human.

3) Commit to health. Drinking more water, 1 workout a week, healthy clean lunches, whatever. Your kids need you, and without your health you can't be there for them. This should make you feel like a dedicated parent when you hit the gym, or spend time meal planning, rather than guilty.

We are all in this together. We have made the same mistakes. We are all hoping to raise wonderful humans. It's a big job. Let's do it with joy and purpose and health.

What is your favorite strategy?

Dedicated to what you Deserve,

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