46% increase in work productivity.


46% increase in work productivity


It’s Monday morning and you have allot to do.


How can you get it all done?


How can you create an environment to become more productive?


Ultimately, being more productive at work allows you secure a better position and sets you apart. 

This will leave you with more energy when you come home with your kids/family. 


A great new study shows changing one thing can increase your productivity by 46% at work.


What is that one thing?



Using a adjustable desk that allows you to stand.



I personally feel a standing desk encourages you to move and shift throughout the day.


Sitting has become our generations smoking and zaps our mental and physical energy.


When we move our energy shifts and stays active.


It reminds me of the old saying, “I’m too tired to work out" when in reality people are tired because they are NOT working out


Link to study. Click here


Take action and get a better desk. Use this study to prove to the powers that be that it's in everyones best interest.


Dedicated to what you deserve, 


Terra Nova fitness, LLC