BACK PAIN and Sex?


Sex is awesome! Okay, it’s also romantic.

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Lets be tasteful adults about this.


It’s less then awesome or romantic if you or your partner has back pain.


Jessica and I spent a few hours with the leading Spine doctor in the country this past weekend at a personal trainer summit in Long Beach.


Out of nowhere he brings up this study he authored that made the cover of the economist. Link, Click Here


They studied what positions are good or bad for your back pain.


For the purpose of this article lets divide back pain into 2 areas. ( Note: there are more but that’s another article. )


If you have Backward bending pain ( Laying on your stomach or arching)

Best position for sex

Men: Man behind woman, woman on all fours 

For Men

For Men


Women: Spooning or man behind woman while the women supports her upper body with her hands, not elbows.

For Women

For Women


If you have Forward bending pain ( Touching your toes)

Best position for sex

Men: Spooning or missionary with man supporting his upper body on his elbows NOT his hands.

Women: Missionary while bending at the hips and knees.


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