Your kids video game- This lesson will increase your fitness results


Have you every been roped into playing video games by your kids, niece or nephew?


We all know how this story goes.


You are fine watching then they ask, come on play!


You say, NO! I don’t know how to play, I'm fine.


Don’t worry, its easy.


You take the controller and you die within a minute if not seconds.


You hit reset and nothing changes as you experience speedy death after death as your frustration rises.


They take the controller back and proceed to hit level 10 without barely a scratch.


Is it because they are younger, smarter or have more will power?


Hell NO!


It’s because they know the road ahead.


They know where to hide, when to hit the button, when to reload, and when to change strategy.


This is exactly why MOST people don't get fitness, energy or weight loss results.


They don't know the road ahead. They stubbornly refuse professional help or coaching.


A coach may not be smarter than you but he/she knows the road ahead.


They know what mind set patterns run in your head when you follow through versus "excuse" through.


They can lead you through to higher levels, and teach you where to hit, hide, reload, rest and enjoy the process.



Are you stubbornly trying to finish the video game of fitness and weight loss without knowing the way? Constantly yo-yoing between level 1 and 2?


A coach can save you months or years in frustration in getting to your fitness destination.


"But its too expensive to have a coach!!!!"


Not as expensive of wasting months and years in frustration and no results to show for.


I practice what I preach. I have a business and Russian language coach. They show me the way and I’m advancing levels like never before.


3 ways to know the road ahead

  1. Prepare your food the day before so at lunch you know the road ahead 

  2. Buy into what your experienced coach says. Think South African safari guide leading you through the bush. 

  3. Journal your intentions/focus the night before 

There are so many more ways to " Know the road ahead"


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