San Pedro Park will change your life.

We live in an enchanting little town called Pacifica.
Across the street from Terra Nova Fitness we have a magical state park called San Pedro.



One of my secrets of being an emotional fit human is my deep core believe, that I can change my emotional state virtually at will.

The key if your not feeling a great emotional state is that you must move your body.

Write this down somewhere …  “ Move my body and my emotions will start to move also”  

Discover the trans-formative power of walking and how to use it to feel more fulfilled.

1) Clears you Mind
We all have those days when things simply feel out of sorts. Taking a walk in nature makes you feel present and clears what was troubling you.


2) Burns more fat
Walking decreases your stress hormones. When every we decrease out level of stress hormones we become more efficient burners of fat.


3) Creativity
Many studies have shown that walking creates greater creativity in a similar way that taking a shower does. If you can’t figure out how to pitch something take a walk and see what pops up in your mind.


4) Recovery
If you feel worn down from high-intensity or impact training a low impact walk can work wonders. It gets the blood flowing to the muscles without further stressing them out. You will also get a great sense of accomplishment still being active and ready for your next high-intensity workout.


5) Decreases mental fatigue
When we are constantly plugged in and responding to emails, texts, projects and to-do lists, it causes our minds to become fatigued.
Our minds need a recharge break where it can just simply be.

10 minutes is better than 0 minutes. It bears repeating..
10 minutes is better than 0 minutes.


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