Fight food urges




Right before you over eat, what triggered you to over eat? What did you think about? If we can identify the pattern we can interrupt it and replace it with a new one.

You only eat because you have an urge to eat. Is it an urge that is based on a physical need or a counterfeit urge?

A counterfeit urge is something artificially created in your environment or mind.

What’s your pattern?

There are 3 primary triggers

1. External cues
(Seeing, smelling food, friends bringing food, time of the day)

2. Mental focus
(When you are being triggered by your own mind)

3. Physical cue
(this comes from the body communicating a need to be nourished)

Which of these 3 primary cues are driving your patterns?

Today we will cover external cues



7 kinds of external counterfeit cues

Avoid 1-2 external cues to start with.

1. Location cues: A particular room, a certain chair
2. Activity cues: Starting or stopping a particular activity such as watching a movie
3. People cues: Do you have any eating or drinking buddies?
4. Occasion cues: Parties, nights on the town
5. Sensory cues: Advertisers get paid big bucks to plant sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell cues that signal you to eat.
6. Time cues: A certain time of the day can signal you to eat
7. Mood cues: Are there any cues in your environment that direct your mental focus and create a mood, such as boredom or excitement, which is a trigger for you to eat?

Take action!

Dedicated to what you deserve,
Chris Shah,

Terra Nova fitness, LLC