Dr. Kenneth A. Thomas Pacifica Speech

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I will teach people who are struggling with anxiety and other overwhelmingly negative feelings about how to effectively accomplish their goals (even when they are under pressure, stress, and time crunches). 

You may wonder: Why should you listen to me? 

The answer is: Because of my life experiences. I was once deeply depressed. As a young adult, I had been prescribed a variety of anti-depressants. I was handcuffed by social anxiety, crippled by my eating disorders, and I had been expelled from every school that I had ever attended. 

Before I continue, I want you to know something about me. I’m not anybody special. I do not have any special gifts. Yet, I am able to channel who I am and use simple, but special tools to generate outstanding results.  

These tools have transformed me into a mentally resilient, happy, present business owner. 

There is a reason that I have been in business for 9 years — successfully shaping the lives of a diverse client base.  

More than 90% of businesses are factually destined to fail. Many would see this disturbing statistic as a reason to feel pressure and anxiety. However, as the founder of Terra Nova Fitness, I see this as the greatest opportunity on Earth.  Where others see troubled water, I see opportunities.

And, I want you to have this ability too. 

Remember that I am not anybody special. However, I do have special skills — but, these are skills that anybody can learn.  

If these skills can work for me, they can definitely work for you. You are one successful strategy or tool away from changing the game  your life forever. 

The recipe for a great night sleep

Dr. Thomas has been serving Pacifica since 1993. 

I have known Dr. Thomas for many years and have had the pleasure of many deep and thoughtful conversations with him. I have the upmost personal and professional respect for Dr. Thomas. We are extremely fortunate to have him speak at TNF. 

Dedicated to your Success, 

Chris Shah, 

Terra Nova fitness, LLC