How to succeed at Fitness

3 things our most successful clients do

There are many ways to describe the criteria of a successful client. 

My own bias says its someone who experiences fulfillment and progress regularly. 

Im going to share the umbrella things they are have in common that provide the foundational support for all the mindsets, tools, strategies, habits and actions that fit under them. 

I will also share practical ways to implement them. 


  1. They are curious

  2. They are coachable

  3. They engage


They are curious… 

One point in time Marcus Aurelius was the most powerful man in the world. He was the co-emperor of Rome at the time the most powerful empire on the face the planet. When walking through town people would give him incredible praise and clap for him. Marcus would walk through town with an assistant he commanded to whisper in his ear “You are just a man, you're just a man, you are mortal”.

Our most successful clients have a similar mindset wanting someone reminding them to stay the course and at times find their way back on the right road. They are curious to what an expert has to say to them.  Reminding themselves that they are not an island all to themselves. 


Our most successful clients are curious about more efficient ways to keep habits, efficient ways to become less stressed, better ways to work out, tools, tips and strategies that can enhance their life.


Recently one of our most successful members became very curious on how to decrease anxiety and stress. In a constant state of anxiety and stress our fat storing hormones take over our bodies steering wheel. 

She was very curious listening to studies that have shown that excessive email checking dramatically increases depression, anxiety and stress.  We came up with an email policy and strategy that is since then increased her productivity, decreased her stress and anxiety, this has given certainty to the people she interacts with when they can expect a response. A win win agreement for all.  And she started losing body fat when she was stuck at Plateau. She was a very curious! 

They are coachable

What can you do with one mind? What can you see with your own reference experience? What can you do all by yourself? What can you do with you're own cognitive biases?


You can accomplish a lot with the above-mentioned qualities. But there is a law of diminishing returns. Now what can you do with a second mind added to your mission, A second mind that has the experience of thousands of people, what can you accomplish with someone who sees things you may be doing to self sabotage yourself, What can you accomplish with somebody that knows a fast-track way to get where you're going?

This is how we put people on the Moon, this is how we created artificial limbs for people that need them, this is how we created cures for diseases, this is how we build houses for habitat for humanity. These things were accomplished through the pulling of multiple minds together, people open to better more efficient ways to accomplish the mission. 


Our recent $200 cash prize winner for the 6 weeks program was completely shocked she won. Little did she know at the time she was indulging in what people who are fluent in health and fitness do. She is extremely coachable and in doing so she's utilizing the reference experience of the coach who has 11 years experience. She's learning from somebody who is fluent in and health and fitness.


Imagine somebody learning a new language. For example, I'm learning Russian now. Imagine if I wanted to say a phrase and I asked somebody who is fluent in Russian How to say it. 

Native speaker tells me how to say the word or phrase but my response is one of not being coachable. 



The single most effective way to improve your results is to increase the number of emails you exchange with Jessica or me. This is where check-ins, celebrations of small victories, and support and encouragement happens.  This is where you are PULLED, instead of simply trying to push alone on your island.


Successful clients recognize that some engagement is better than none — they email when a family or work issue crops up. They discuss not only their progress, but also their challenges and setbacks.


Think of your engagement with us like at TV-show writers’ meeting. We work to transform your current story into your ideal story. 


Effective engagement is like peeling an onion. Each engagement activity moves you one layer or step closer to success and fulfillment.


In my own life, I practice these same engagement strategies. If I stark to slack in any area, I schedule a “wake up call” to generate momentum.


Here are some practical ways to increase your engagement and position yourself on your road to success:


·       Record everything you eat for one day;  

·       Meditate for 60 seconds;

·       Take 5 deep breaths;

·       Send your coach a check-in email;

·       Ask your coach for feedback or advice;

·       Inquire about our free accountability habit system;

·       Check your body fat each week at the gym.

Dedicated to your success,  

Terra Nova fitness, LLC