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We've heard your story before...

You tried the latest fad diet.  You lost some weight in the short term, but slowly gained it all back plus some.

But it's not your fault... Most diets are designed as a quick fix, not a long-term solution.
With the Terra Nova Fitness, you will stop dieting and start developing healthy habits that are sustainable for the long term.

Each week you will focus on a specific fundamental nutrition or lifestyle habit. With each habit, you will be given lessons to understand why the habit is important and tips on how to make the habit easier to execute.

To keep you accountable, we have My Fit Life Habit Planner book for your Health, Nutrition and Fitness and we do weekly accountability check-ins. 


If you're like most of our busy clients, you know what to do to be healthier and fitter, but struggle to consistently do it.

Don't worry. We're here to help

You will be provided with the structure to make fitness and nutrition a part of your routine.

AND coaching to help manage and maintain your fitness routine during those inevitable times when life gets busy with work, travel, kids, etc.

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