Stretching at Home


and stretch



Hi TNF members, I just wanted to give a quick reminder on the importance of being aware of our posture and stretching while watching T.V. shows, movies, or sporting events.


It is important to keep good posture while sitting down on the couch. Having your back in a neutral position supported by the chair while also keeping the neck in a neutral position and not flexed. This will help prevent lower back and neck pain. Think about pushing the back into the chain and also shoulders back and chest out.


Do not slouch! This puts more pressure into the lower back along with unnecessary pressure going into the neck. Another helpful tip that has really helped me out is I like to get up and stretch during commercials while watching sporting events or while I am watching a T.V. show.


A very good and cheap investment is buying a foam roller like the ones we use at the gym. Rolling around the areas that seam to be tight that day will really help with the soreness and mobility. Remember, the more mobile and less tight our muscles are, the more likely we are to stay away from muscles injuries.

-Coach Nic

Terra Nova fitness, LLC