A physical therapist, dad, coach and owner


No matter what your story we can coach you to success. This hour we had a Physical therapist, ( Jennifer Kinder) an amazing Dad ( Jeff) who coaches baseball, a great coach (Nic) and myself the owner of Terra Nova Fitness.

Both are working out for different reasons but sharing the space and energy with a customized fitness program instructed by Nic.

Here you get the best of both worlds with a customized training program that takes into consideration both Jen’s and Jeff’s past injuries or current levels of fitness with the support of training together.

We understand both Jen and Jeff have families and a life outside Terra Nova Fitness.

So workout them out at a level that is not so intense that they cant enjoy the rest of their day and not so easy that they question the benefits.

We call it the sweet spot. It is what has kept us in business since 2009. We often get new members who voice concerns about past local trainers they tried lacking emotional awareness and injuring you.

At Terra Nova Fitness our goal is to increase your energy while decreasing any past pain or injuries.

We are dedicated to your success,

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Terra Nova fitness, LLC