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How I ended up becoming a “Gym Person”

Several years ago, I was perusing my email and noticed a message from my local mother’s club. The email was from the Activities Coordinator, extending an invitation to join other members for a six-week trial at the local gym, Terra Nova Fitness. Had I accidentally joined the “Active Moms Group”? And if so, how do I unsubscribe? After some quick investigating, I realized the message went out to all members. So, I received this email on purpose.

 I initially thought, “Ugh, group exercise is definitely not for me. I don’t really do the gym thing”. That particular morning, however, I gave a pause before deleting the message and forgetting about it. I thought about the fact that I had just undergone a weight loss journey; I had lost over 70 pounds! That was so amazing, what an achievement! None of my jeans fit anymore. Mission accomplished, yay! But, I was still struggling to keep off the weight and I had no idea how to exercise or tone my arms and legs. The gym was a total and complete mystery to me. (See previous excuse of “I don’t really do the gym thing”) After a bit of thinking, I emailed the coordinator and signed up to go. I was going to go to this gym that I had only walked by…on my way to Goodfellas to get a slice of pizza. 

That Saturday morning, I went into my closet and picked out some “workout clothes”, a ratty band t-shirt and some exercise pants that were purely used for “lounging”. They really should have been called “lounging pants”, but I digress. I donned my outfit and set out for the gym. I walked in and was greeted by the gym owner, Chris Shah. He was entirely too upbeat and had a great attitude. I put aside my cynicism, sat down, and began to fill out my paperwork. 

I started my six-week trial and enjoyed the workouts. I quickly learned that I, in fact, did not know how to do a squat. I also learned that, in spite of this discovery, Chris knew how to coach me. Maybe I could be a “person that goes to the gym”, in spite of my natural inclination to be a contrarian. I noticed that my body and energy level was changing. I committed to going to Terra Nova Fitness several times a week, I eventually learned how to do a squat, and I lost 20 more pounds. Three years have now passed since that six-week trial, and I am so glad that I took a chance on Terra Nova Fitness. 

Over the past year, I have done things that I never thought were possible. I ran my first 5k in San Francisco with my good friend. My finishing time was average, hooray for average! As someone who was never active, this was quite an achievement. I went to Europe with a giant pack on my back and backpacked across Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Some of those days I trekked 10 to 15 miles with a pack on my back, hopping on and off trains with ease. Something I know I would not have been able to do in my inactive 20’s.  Somehow, I was able to do all of that at the age of 35! I keep going because the results are astounding, the members and coaches support each other, and I really enjoy being a part of the Terra Nova Fitness Family. 

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This summer I will write the Member Spotlight Series about other Terra Nova Fitness members who have experienced life-changing results. All of them have given permission to share their stories—the struggles, doubts, successes and the ways that their lives have improved since joining Terra Nova Fitness. I will also share some recipes, fun tips, and a bit more about myself. If any part of my story resonates with you and you are thinking about “being a person that goes to the gym”, please reach out to Terra Nova Fitness to schedule a consult. I promise, from one cynic to another, you will not be sorry.