Nutrition and happiness

Chris Shah Founder, Fitness Coach




“Dr. Michael Gershon, of Columbia University, has called the gut the “Second Brain”.

“Ninety- five (95) percent of the body’s serotonin (happy chemical) is produced by the gut nerve cells. “ – Dr. Michael Gershon

If eating healthy for fat loss was not a great enough motivation to eat healthy then what about your happiness? Whatever you choose to believe in, I think we can all agree the meaning of life is to be HAPPY!

When your stomach is upset or out of balance so goes your head and happy serotonin levels. After reading this article ask yourself two questions before you eat something.

Will this food dim the light on my best self or make my best self-shine brighter?



What are some things that decrease your Serotonin levels and bang your Second Brain against a stress wall?

Inflammation triggering foods like gluten (white bread) Processed foods , ( anything in food wrapper) Tran’s fat (chips, donuts, fast food etc.) High sugar diet GMO foods ( genetically modified foods) Bad bacteria in your gut ( from Splenda , artificial sweeteners) Excessive Alcohol consumption

Sounds like a SAD diet (standard American diet)



How do I increase my “Second Brain’s” Serotonin levels?

Eat slowly released carbohydrates from whole, unprocessed plant foods Nuts, seeds Lean protein Salmon (omega- 3) Increase good bacteria in your gut ( Unsweetened plain yogurt, pro)


When you eat things that may immediately spike your Dopamine Short-term (pleasure) levels you are dimming the light on your best self-long-term (Serotonin).

It’s time to protect and add armor to your second brain.

This powers you to more readily SELF GENERATE HAPPY EMOTIONS. Depending on immediate external stimulus (junk food) to temporary generate dopamine is NOT SUSTAINABLE. You can build a nice Serotonin reservoir to access your best happy self.

This can be you too. This is one of the paths to sustainable happiness and weight loss. I hope you take the steps towards building your Serotonin reservoir.


Dedicated to your success, Chris Shah