Pacifica Gym owner



A personal and vulnerable (Video) Here is a very personal interview with the founder of Pacifica’s Terra Nova Fitness Chris Shah.


In this interview Chris get’s very personal and vulnerable. I’m confident you can come away from this video with 1 thing that will be valuable to you.

Chris reveals

The true motivation for Terra Nova Fitness How he self generates any emotion he desires His morning rituals His failed romantic relationships and the lessons he has learned His admittedly weird but rewarding mind set

We have so many changes coming to TNF that will add value, fun, results, accountability and many more surprises. Hint: A major mural will be added to TNF this summer. We are a community for people not willing to settle and a desire to strive. The mural will reflect that empowering sentiment.

We have never been more motivated and grounded in our purpose to serve you on your weight loss, strength, nutrition and wellness journey.

The best is yet to come.

As always dedicated to your success, Terra Nova Fitness