Hope, potential and action. Your fitness past does not equal the future.

(VIDEO) Your fitness past does not equal the future.  Hope, potential and action 



Did you know Mahatma Gandhi attempted suicide as a kid? Most people are not even aware of it. You remember Mahatma Gandhi ushering in a era of peaceful nonviolent protest.


 You see “what one person can do the entire species has access to” - Robert Green - Mastery

Did you know Dr martin luther king Jr. attempted suicide twice as a kid? Again no one remembers his early past they remember him for his impact on the civil rights movement.


Did you know Abraham Lincoln lost almost every election early in his life and had a complete nervous breakdown? No one remembers his early life they remember him being the stoic leader of our nation during the civil war.

“This shall come to pass” - Abraham Lincoln 


These 3 shocking examples of people who have experienced more adversity than any of us will, gives you HOPE that your fitness future can be different.

Once your brain feels that it has POTENTIAL to change its like releasing the breaks.

Your fitness past of 

  • Not having time
  • Its too hard
  • That's not me

Can turn into the Fitness future of 

  • I put myself as a priority
  • Its worth it to be confident
  • This is the new me

Now its time to take action towards a new fitness and health future filled with confidence and energy.

Dedicated to your success,

Chris Shah, Founder Terra nova Fitness