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Stop the endless drift Indulge in accountability

• Will power works when it’s there

• If you don’t have a system your goal will die on your lips

• Without repeated exposure to accountability the best ships will drift off course

• Professional’s realize the exponential power of accountability

• Amateurs would rather fail in the self-destructive blaze of lone wolf dome then follow proven success practices

• I encourage you to be part of the 3% of people who attain their fitness goals in a professional manner

Once you start the action process and get momentum the whole process starts to feed your sense of progress, power and achievement.

“You must have a SYSTEM that protects you from your lower self” – Tim Ferriss

• We have a proven and repeatable plug and play system for accountability that will make your progress increase exponentially when followed.

THE SYSTEM + P, B, L GOALS = people saying “WOW” when your around them

THE SYSTEM at a glance 

Two-way street


Schedule it


THE P,B,L GOALS at a glance 

Performance goals

Behavior goals

Learning goals

Digging deeper into the SYSTEM  

You and your accountability partner(s) MUST be engaged in a two way street. There MUST be equal engagement and benefit for all parties involved. Stephen Covey in his Classic “7 habits of highly effect people” refers to this as a WIN-WIN agreement/partnership. Without equal passion the accountability relationship will die.

Hey Ami, I’m working towards a goal can I count on you to help keep me accountable? By the way you mentioned you wanted to run a full marathon right?! How can I keep you accountable?

Who comes to mind? (accountability partner)


What do they need accountability with?


If you don't take this serious the passion will fade away. Its like a relationship if one takes it serious but the other does not the relationship will fail. Take it causally and your goal/ accountability will become a casualty.

We all of had that conversation with someone that was serious. When both parties truly knew the energy, feel, tone of voice and look in the eyes was different. 

You MUST recapture that feeling and tones when talking and planning  accountability. 

You MUST schedule both check-ins and deadlines… Without these two needed ingredients your accountability will die on your lips.

When will be your check-ins ( daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?) 



When will be your deadline ? (1-12 weeks?) 



What leverage can you use to accelerate progress? Leverage is using a system; tool, another person,coach, group, emotion, rewards and/or consequences to accelerate your progress.  AKA: a force multiplier!

Below are real world examples of creating leverage. The more layers you stack the more progress you will make.

Money pitting is where you give someone $200 (any amount that you would feel) and each time you demonstrate a right action or progress you get a certain amount back…

How much lump some will you give to someone? ($200,$500?)


How much do you get back on each agreed upon action and/or progress?


Seesaw driving pickup , is when you take turns picking up your accountability parter on the way to the action taking place (gym, hike, run eat).

Who will you seesaw pickup with?


What will be the schedule?


Write a Commitment letter , to someone you respect about keeping on track and being accountable to a higher standard. Sometimes its easier to let yourself down than someone you have deep respect for. Download link for sample commitment letter.

Who will you give a commitment letter to?


What will be the consequence if you don’t follow through and keep your word?


Now its time to get laser focus on your specific targets. Your Success striving mechanism requires a specific target to hit to be effective. Focusing on cloudy and uncertain goals will leave you frustrated and unfulfilled. Choose 1, 2, or 3 of the bottom goals. 

Performance goals are anything that is measurable for example. (Choose 1 one or more) 

How many lbs do you want to lose?


How much body fat do you want to lose?


How many reps of any exercise do you want to perform?


How many miles do you want to run?


What size pants or dress do you want to fit into?


A behavior goal is working on a behavior that moves you in the direction that powers and reinforces movement towards your performance goals.

Whats great about behavior goals that once you put them in practice you start to get your performance goals through proxy.

(Choose 1 or more of the following)

Focus on what you want ( not what you don't want) 

(example, leans, strength, energy, vitality, healthy eating) 


Replace limiting beliefs with power beliefs ( what power belief will you adopt) 


What do I have gratitude for? Schedule it daily 

(example, family, friends, reading, walks )


I will focus on solutions over problems 

What solution will you focus on?


Knowledge is NOT power applied knowledge is power. 

Lets get that knowledge! When you put new knowledge into practice you get the performance goals through proxy. (NOTE: members can learn this through our success blueprints)

(Choose 1 or more of the following)

What foods raise my blood cholesterol?


What foods lower my blood cholesterol?


What foods raise my inflammation?


What foods decrease my blood cholesterol?


What foods raise my body fat?


What foods lower my body fat?


Step up and take action! 

Dedicated to your success,

Chris Shah,