Mika, Member of the Month

Congrats to the New Member of the Month MIKA!!! It's a privilege to have Mika as a part of our community. Mika tells his story..  

Chris Shah ( Founder) On the left

Chris Shah ( Founder) On the left

"I've been an avid board rider for the last 15 years or so, snowboarding, mountainboarding and nowadays surfing. I always managed to have fun and sometimes compete without spending any time actively working on making sure I was strong and could take the abuse. 

Then after a couple of injuries in a row - big falls and muscle tears, I decided I should do what responsible people do, and try to get in better shape so I would be less prone to injury and could heal better anyway.

I lived up the street at the time, and so it was natural to give TNF a try. Chris and Amy have been nothing but great and I'm really thankful for their help.

The best thing about TNF is that it's not intimidating, even on the first day. You just gradually work your way up and then someday you realize you've been feeling great!" - MIKA