October Member of the month Seema Kantak



Congradultations to October Member of the month Seema Kantak. Seema has become a pillar of TNF with her dedication, consistency and her amazing smile that literally lights on the room. Its an absolute pleasure and honor to coach her.

Her is Seema in her own words...

"I love TNF! It changed my health and approach to life. I started at TNF in August 2012 after returning from being out of the country for 2 years in a very demanding and intense job.. Although I had tried to keep up with exercise since my kids were born for the past12 years, I felt that what I was doing was not enough to really keep me fit and strong both physically and mentally. Darlene Mann, a close friend introduced me to TNF. It has been the turning point training with Chris. I like Chris's approach to training. It is a holistic approach of mind and body which resonates with me.

I am more stronger and energetic than I have ever been. A number of exercises which were so difficult when I started are a breeze now smile emoticon. Besides the training, I am conscious of my eating habits. That has helped not just me but my family as well. Chris and Amy are a great team. Besides the semi-privates I recently started also going to Amy's boot camp. I love the 6 am morning energy that all my fellow women bring and it makes the workout fun. If I ever miss a workout, I feel awful. Daily Workout now is a part of my routine and not something that I have to make time for. I often feel a new person!" - Seema Kantak