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Graduate from fitness “WANT” to “MUST”  [embed][/embed]

Close to 10 years coaching you start to recognize patters. You start to recognize that during certain times the 101 highway has slow traffic and that street cleaning happens on certain days.

People and their desire to achieve weight loss and fitness goals are no different. When people use words like “ Want” “ Should” and “ Try” I know when the traffic jams and accidents will come on their journey to a goal.  I’m not smarter than anyone its just simple Pattern recognition.

People who WANT tend to DRIFT off course 



People simply do not do what they WANT or SHOULD do on a consistent basis. Most people SHOULD all over themselves.

It only works when you WANT to do it. What happens when you don't want to do it? When the mental weather in your head is foggy and rainy, when the feeling to do leaves you? You rationalize reasons why its not the right time or ignore it.

Simply put when you are pushing yourself all the time you only depend on will power which is a limited resource. There is not enough leverage or pull to have consistent follow through.

People do what is a MUST!



We can have the most up to date and cutting edge strategies and methods but if we don’t raise our level of standards we will fall back into poor behavior and habits. People who follow through on things have clearly defined standards.

Go ahead and test this out with people who A) keep failing at something and B)People who succeed or progress long term at something. Ask them what their standards in that area are. People who fail cant answer that question. People in group B usually proudly answer the question.

Two of my personal standards are 1) I mediate everyday without exception and regardless of external forces. Are there days I wake up and don't feel like meditating? Yes! I’m human but its a standard that I have made a MUST! If I don't do it I will feel a deep sense of disappointment with myself. Also, I know I can self generate my own emotions if I meditate.

2) I don't tolerate negative self talk or feelings for more than 30 seconds. Are there times I want to do it longer? Yes! But this is a standard I have made a MUST!

It’s time to make a commitment that you will no longer tolerate lower standards of health and fitness. This is the new you with new standards. Change it to a MUST! We get what we tolerate. Are you truly ready to commit to a higher lever of standards?

If you are a parent I’m positive you have certain standards about your kids that you will NEVER violate. You would never offer heroine to your kids. You have a standard of what a loving and responsible parent must never do. Say it to yourself in the mirror. “ I will raise my standards, I get what I tolerate”

Staring into the mirror and repeating something with emotion takes a passive idea in the back of your head and activates it with the full force of your expressive energy and your nervous system.  (its one of my secrets to being in a fantastic mood virtually every minute you see me)

I don’t hope I’m in a good mood… I demand it! If you have been coached by me you know I practice this. 

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Clearly define, raise and share your standards! 

Not doing so you will drift off course by the winds of fluctuating emotions and circumstances.  Remember the more specific a standard the greater the power and focus.

  • What is your standard about eating?

  • What is your standard about food tracking?

  • What is your self talk standard?

  • What is your workout standard?

If you can confidently answer these questions you will have a life full of joy, fulfillment, passion and bucket list trips will become a reality.

TNF is for People not willing to SETTLE. People who want more out of life. I encourage you to engage and get more out of life.

Dedicated to your Success,

Chris Shah , Founder of Terra Nova Fitness