Welcome PMC! Special thanks to Darcy Casarella for facilitating this partnership. PMC has a special place in our hearts. Many current members are from PMC and one of our coaches is a former PMC president.  This program is first come first serve with limited spots. Act Now! 

What you get

World Class Coaching

Lets be real. New and uneducated trainers in this town injury you. I have been coaching over 11 years. I value your mental and physical well being over beating you up to pump up my ego. 

Heavy lifting done for you..

Nutrition can be a daunting task. We will have eating plans and lots have healthy recipes ready for you. Just follow and be rewarded. 

Support and accountability

We are "Pacifica's Choice for Moms." Be surrounded and held accountable by Mom's going through the same challenges. 

Getting results is 80% mindset/ accountability and 20% physical. We understand you have allot going on in your life. We want to take stress away from your life not add it.


$200 cash prize

That’s right! You can get amazing results just like the hundreds of other clients who have taken part in our challenges AND have the chance to win $200 CASH!  

The winner will be selected based on not only their weight lost but also the total transformation they make, which includes before and after pictures, and following our system. The Terra Nova fitness Team will vote for the winning participant at the end of the contest and announce the winner.

The 6 week program


$149 (Non TNF member) $79 ( Current Members ) Complimentary ( Pacifica Moms Club) 

  •   1 Group Personal Training Sessions Each Week ($188 Value)
  • 2 Boot camp sessions Each Week Tues/Thr at 6am ( $169 Value) 
  • 6 week Fat Loss Nutrition Manual ($99 Value)
  •   Our Favorite Fat Loss Recipes ($49 Value)
  • Weekly Check Ins Via our Facebook Accountability Group ($49 Value)