From the desk of Chris Shah (founder)

My oxygen is adding value to peoples lives and serving is my purpose.

I'm the author of "My Fit life" habit planner for health, nutrition and Fitness

I have been coaching people for 14 years. I’m not a random guy who is in shape and just decided to coach people.

I have spent years crisscrossing the country learning from the giants of the fitness industry, countless Mentorships, workshops, certifications and tens of thousands spent on education.

My original and most influential mentor is the Fitness legend Mike Boyle. He coached the most famous American female soccer player Mia Hamm. He coached Boston university hockey team to two National titles, Strength coach for Boston Reds Sox world series championship and currently coaches the US Olympic Women's hockey team.

With Mike Boyle

Legendary Fitness coach

He taught me 3 core values

Show people how much you care not how much you know
Always keep learning
Do no harm

I look forward to see how the TNF team can be dedicated to your success,

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